Thursday, 3 May 2012

What grinds my gears

A quote from Family Guy.
I have decided  to base a weekly rant of things that have annoyed me on this quote.
This weeks topic: Trains

Or more importantly the trains of our dear ol’ Blighty and their massive failings compared to other countries. Did you know that in the last year alone (from 29/05/2011- 07/01/2012), First Capital Connect were on average later than 5 minutes by 10% for all operating services in each month on the Great Northern Route, the Thamelink route fared little better with 9.35%.
As a regular train passenger frequently on ‘commuter’ trains I rarely get a seat, this is one area of train travel that really ‘Grinds my gears’. If I, as a paying customer am willing to fork out their ridiculously extortionate prices then surely I am guaranteed a seat for my journey. You wouldn’t get this on any other travel in the world (apart from buses but thats a different rant), a plane- you buy your seat, ferry, coach, eurostar, helicopter, horse-drawn carriage, rickshaw, tuk-tuk and so on.
I would be more than willing to not have a seat, for a discounted ticket price. Something I feel needs to be implemented. I do not know how they would do this but I’m sure they would find a way.
Also onto ticket prices, after an 11% rise which apparently reflects inflation, surely the least the governemt could do in our economy crisis is stop people spending up to a fith of their wages on train travel! No wonder the country is broke we can’t afford to buy anything else after we’ve commuted! Tickets are ridiculously expensive; for me to get to London and back, a 30 minute peak time journey into Kings X, is £14.80 with a railcard- then theres the rises in Oyster fares.
This really ‘grinds my gears’.
Websites have started cropping up everywhere of people’s pure hate for British train travel, here are some popular ones:
and this ones my fav as it’s close to my heart:
OK rant over, tune in next week for some more ‘What grinds my gears’. (Hope I’m not ripping off F.G. too much here!)

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