Thursday, 25 October 2012

Winter Warmers: pie

A chicken and mushroom pie in this case. This is one for the meat eaters out there, but not to worry 'Vegetablerians'! I've put in a few veggie suggestions later on. I've never really made pie before or been a huge fan of it to be honest. But I found myself bored one evening and kind of craving pastry and meaty pie-ness. I even went and bought myself two cheap pie dishes (as I had none)! As per, this is a slightly lazier option.....

The Ingredients I used were:
2 large chicken breasts   -for the vegetable-rians I'd suggest a quorn meat alternative or if you don't like that, maybe some pulses/beans or simply doubling up on the mushrooms and adding leeks.
1 onion
4-6 large chestnut mushrooms- depending on how much you like mushrooms?
About 5 leaves of basil roughly chopped.
I chicken stock cube- veggies use a vegetable one.. obvs
I small tin of chicken soup- veggies can use a mushroom or vegetable soup?
A 'glug' of white wine
Puff pastry pre-rolled- I ended up using pretty much all of the packet pictured here
And then salt, pepper, olive oil and whatever other herbs you may fancy.
Ok, so first, add oil to a hot pan then fry the mushrooms and onions with salt and pepper for a few minutes on a low hear, you don't want to 'brown' them.Then add the chopped chicken and basil and fry for about 5 minutes, (or whatever veggie substitute you'd prefer)
After doing this add in the glug of wine and a stock cube and stir until the stock cube has dissolved. Then (here's the lazy part) empty the tin of soup (chicken or mushroom) over the contents of then pan, lower the heat and simmer for about 8-10 mins. And there's your sauce, the contents of your pie , no faffing about with flour or the like :)
While that's simmering away, get out your pastry an roll onto a flat clean surface, paper down (do not remove the paper or it's sticky!) and get to work cutting out the top of the pie to fit your pie dish. My dish was oval and about 12x8cm and I did 2 of these. you want to cut about 1 cm over the edge of the dish so that you can curl it under when placed on the dish, like in the photo?
Next place your chicken/mushroom/vegetable concoction in your dish till it's nearly full and carefully place the 'lid' of pastry over it, tuck the edges in and make little grooves with your fingers, not for prettiness but to make it stick! And then place in a preheated oven at about 160C (fan) for 10-15 minutes, but check it at around 12 as pastry is a pesky thing and can burn!

Then it should hopefully look like these. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, if you have any pie tips or recipes I've love to hear them!
P.s sorry about the ridiculous amount of photos, I got snap happy whilst cooking!


  1. i need to try this!
    this looks amazing!

  2. Yummy, I'll definitely be giving this a try!

    Jennie xo |

  3. this looks absolutely delicious!
    just discovered your blog and it is lovely!
    following you now & looking forward to many more fab posts!

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked this post

  4. Hi dear…really nice blog…^^
    seems so delicious...I want to try it at home ^^
    What do you think to follow each other? I’ll wait for you on my blog…
    Kiss and have an happy week end

    1. Thanks, hope you like it if you make it!

  5. yummy!

    X Jenny

  6. mmmm I could go this right about now! xx

    1. I know something about pie in cold weather works so well!
      Daniella x

  7. Looks so good!

    ♥ Thankfifi
    Thanks so much for your comment today :)

  8. Chicken pie is my absolute fave! These look and sound delish xxx

    1. Aw thanks! I think it's become my fav too!
      Daniella x

  9. these looks delicious!i am officially hungry!xx


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