Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Warehouse in 90 minutes

I was recently contacted and asked what I though about this new campaign from Warehouse about their new 90 minute delivery:

The video is based around Warehouse's newly implemented 90 minute delivery service (a little back story here: in June Warehouse held a national competition where people could submit their outfits. 9 winners were selected and their 9 outfits now appear in the film).
It's about the day of a girl who changes her outfits every 90 minutes depending on what’s happening in her life, such as an interview, a date, out at the cocktail bar etc. She changes every 90 minutes because of Warehouse's new 90 minute delivery :)

I thought it was a really smart, unique idea and loved the video so thought I'd share. 
My favourite outfit is the one in the cocktail bar styled by Rosie Toole :) I love the leather jacket and the jumpsuit, it's definitely like something I'd wear, second favourite was probably the Dinner outfit styled by Rosie Ettridge- I really the dress and shoes, and she was late (also like me)
What's your favourite outfit?

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