Saturday, 6 September 2014

Feel Unique haulin'

A few weeks ago Feel Unique had a pretty good 15% off all their products- so I couldn't help myself from buying a few things...

Fist up I'd been wanting at Naked palette from Urban Decay for ages after having their Naked Basic palette for a while now and loving it. Trouble was it was a bit hard picking from the three! In the end I plumped for Naked3- as I thought I have all the neutrals I want in the Naked Basics. I've only used it now a handful of times but I'm loving it- and with 15% off and free delivery it wasn't too expensive either!

Next- I'd been wanting to jump on the band wagon of the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing face balm for ages but at £35 again it was a bit too much! I'm so glad I got it though. It is a lovely cleansing balm/oil type thing and the muslin cloth that comes with it is great too. Just hope when I run out there's another 15% off!

Lastly, my favourite Antipodes Vanilla day cream is on it's way out so it was about time I replaced it. I really love this cream and at £25 (mine my 15% off) I don't think it's too pricey for how good it is.

Although the 15% offer is no longer on, I was sent a 15% off code for first time buyers if anyone does want to use it:, it expires 30th Setember:


  1. That naked palette looks gorgeous! I think that one is my favourite! Abi :)


  2. Kinga Sarolta Kavasi7 September 2014 at 20:17

    I ordered my sister her first Naked Pallette from Feel Unique, I just love that site! in 5 days, we received the package in Romania! :)

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  3. What great deals! I have wanted the Naked 3 palette for so long and this has made me so jealous! xx

  4. You got some lovely things! I'd love to try that cleansing balm x

  5. I love the Naked 3 it,s one of my favourite palettes! You got some absolutely gorgeous things!

  6. That eye shadow palette looks gorgeous as does the vanilla day cream.

  7. I really want the Naked 3 palette, the shades are gorgeous - 15% off as well, what a bargain!

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  8. What a great little haul you've got there! Absolutely wonderful! I've been meaning to try an Antipodes product for a while, and I LOVE the Naked 3!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog


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