Saturday, 20 August 2016

Lifestyle post: Street food market Cambridge

Back at the end of July, I attended the Cambridge Food Park Night Market - a collection of the best street food and food trucks from around the area, all with a bar, musicians and some handy tables to eat the food at!

I'd been to a few of the food trucks before but some were completely new. They anged from burgers, Sri Lankan, schnitzel, chicken wings, Mediterranean, artisan ciabattas, wood fired pizza, vegetarian, juice bar, gelato and a choux pastry van!
The bar was quite cute, but a bit slow and expensive for what your get. It kept in with the street food theme! Next time I think I'll just stick with wine though!
The burgers from steak and honour - unfortunately I didn't get to try them this time, as they has sold out by 8pm (the event ran from 5-10pm) so I wasn't that impressed and quite disappointed as you have to pay to get in to the actual event too! I was able to try their burgers on another occasion though and they are really good!!
So, after my disappointing lack of burgers, I opted for a delicious chicken curry box from Kura Kura, complete with an onion bhaji; the curry was tasty but nothing mid blowing - the onion bhaji however was so good! Not greasy or heavy, just crispy and delicious!
This choux stopper van was a recent addition to the line and was soooooo good. I'm glad I got in the queue early as it grew pretty long behind me. The flavours you could order were so delicious, we tried them all!
The salted caramel was something I'd get again and the raspberry collins was a work of art, complete with a syringe of raspberry collins stuck in the cream.
Lastly I had to finish off the night with some freshly made gelato from Jack. I went for rose and cardamon and honeycomb - both were amazing!

Have you been to a food event like this? Any you would recommend? I love going to these and trying new foods!

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