Saturday, 8 October 2016

Travelling: Lake Garda, Italy

Back in June, I went to Lake Garda on holiday. Partly because of a family wedding and we stayed longer to make a holiday out of it. We stayed in Salo, on the south west of the lake and flew into Verona. I love Lake Garda and have been before and stayed on the east coast in Bardolino. Hopefully I can go back one day!

We went just for a week and stayed in the most beautiful villa - this was the view from our floor! Although most of the week was taken up with Wedding parties and meals, we got to do a bit of scuba diving across on the east side of the lake, near Torri del Benaco - pictured here is the castle. The diving was fun, especially to try fresh water, as I'd ever dived in salt water - but SO COLD!

A pretty view of the lake from our private wedding boat, and below the Villa Cavazza on the Isola Del Garda, a gorgeous villa on an island in the middle of the lake - the perfect wedding setting!

Below are some more views of the Villa Cavazza - when can I move in?!

Lastly, what would a trip to Italy be without mentioning Gelato, bae, my one and only! Not gonna lie, made sure to stock up and have one everyday... sometimes two OK, three scoops. So worth it though!

Last pic is of pretty Gardone Riviera, just up the road from Salo, and a short walk. Full of beautiful buildings, cafes, restaurants and gelaterias!

Have you been to Lake Garda? Where did you go, where would you recommend for another trip?

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