Thursday, 27 September 2012

Back to Uni I go...

Bit of an odd post today, yesterday I officially started back at University bright and early at 9am!
I thought I'd do a little 'all the things I take to uni' kind of thing. As I have bought a lot of new notebooks and raided WHSmiths to be quite honest! I think new things a) make me happy and b) get me in the wanting to learn way of thinking... if that makes any sense?
I bought all the essentials :) There's something so nice about new stationary; a 'fresh' notebook. I can't put my finger on what it is!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Summer's over, hello Autumn!

Everyone does a weekly Intsagram round up; I thought I'd do a summer round up, as it has definitely gone for good now, no crazy 'Indian summer' heat waves predicted this weekend. And sadly I don't have Instagram, as I don't have a phone that uses it,*sniff*
Here it is, my attempt at a round up. So from left to right, on each row:-
Malmo(Sweden), Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Malmo, my garden in the sun, Chameleon in a pet store, my tattoo-still fresh!, Grilled Chicken with mustard sauce, nails from a post, Meaty tapas, Sagrada Familia-Barcelona, Sitges-Spain, Freddie in the garden, Olympic stadium, Portsmouth, The HMS Warrior in Portsmouth docklands.
That was my summer, I went away a few times, it doesn't feel like nearly enough! I ate too much, and drank too much- sometimes not in a good way! (1. drank too much and fell asleep in a cinema-I had paid for the film though, not drunkenly wandered in! 2. Recently drank far too many fruity daiquiris and tested my regurgitating abilities :s) I saw films and listened to music and had road trips in the sun; I saw friends and family and the Olympics and even got a (Very) slight suntan! 

I wish I could have spent the summer in a hot country, on the beach everyday; I wish I could have gone to festivals and danced the night away in wellies and flower headbands- but hopefully next summer? Especially what with Glasto tickets coming up soon!
What did you do over the summer? What do you wish you'd done? And are you planning for next summer already, or are you looking forward to winter?  Winter is coming! (small GOT reference)

I'll leave you with a pic I took of two terrapins when I was in Portsmouth- they were best buddies!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fashion vouchers challenge: Boohoo

1)  Una Pu Sleeve Denim jacket £25
2) Linny Sleeveless Peter Pan collar Tunic Dress £15
Valerie Black Peeptoe Stud &Cutwork Slingback Clog Cone Heel £8(sale)
I decided to enter the Fashion Vouchers £50 Boohoo challenge. Which sees bloggers attempting to put together an outfit for £50 or under, using no discount codes. This is to celebrate Boohoo making it onto their Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites list...
Right so for the challenge I decided to go with the popular Leather/PU sleeved jacket, but I didn't want to go military so went for denim, £25.
Which I thought then complimented the shift style of the striped Peter pan collar dress £15- as I thought these together could work for a daytime (with tights and flats) or night time look. I went with Night time and included these Slingback clog heels £8
All this together added up to £48 so just under. If I could have completed this look with some black tights or leggings I would have but there wasn't enough :(

On another note, Boohoo have just joined UNIDAYS, and have a 20% discount for a limited time only- so if you are a student make sure you are registered :)
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this post.
P.s also massive thanks for Jess at @rafflesbizarre and rafflesbizarre blog for doing my new blog header, was getting bored of the old one!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Travel Destinations: Barcelona

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be in Barcelona; what I wouldn't give to go back there now with this cold weather!
Barcelona is Spain's second largest city and the capital of Catalonia( and the largest city). They speak Catalan, a different language altogether to Spanish. And Barcelona has 3 airports serving it; El Prat, the city's airport, Gerona about 40 minutes from Barcelona and Reus- the same. It is very easy to get the train from El Prat to Barcelona central (which I did) and takes about 20 minutes. There is so much to see and do in the city, I just didn't have time to do it all, unfortunately.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Benefit Sugarlicious review

The Benefit Sugarlicious box came out to Sephora stores in August, so it's a relatively new. It contains Benetint, Sugarbomb blush, High Beam, Sugarbomb lipgloss and a powder brush.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Day at the Paralympics: Friday 7th

Yesterday I had the chance to go to the Paralympic Games at Olympic park, because of a spare ticket being free.. long story.
Anyway, I wasn't into the hype of the Paralympics as much as the Olympics but though I should see the park, as I'll never see it like that ever again; The day was sooo hot, and so many people were there. The Megastore stressed me out (it was an effort working your way around people (even the keyring stand was 4 man deep!) and all food and drink was over priced. But hey ho, rant over! The Javellin train from Kings Cross to Stratford International was a dream though!

Monday, 3 September 2012

A little trip to Sephora

So when I was in Copenhagen, 3 weeks ago now, I popped into a Sephora that opened this May, that they happen to have on the main shopping street, Strøget (I mentioned in this post here...)
Well it was huge! It was part of their main store Illum, but the Sephora took up so much space. It was my first time in one, and I couldn't quite believe the amount of beauty products there are in the world!