Thursday, 22 August 2013

Summer = Festivals, Part 3

Sorry its been sooo long since my last festival post! But here's my final one, and it's about Festival fashion. With Reading, Bestival, Green man and many others round the corner, I thought I'd better hurry up and get this one posted!
When I got to festivals, comfort (and warmth!) is usually key; in the UK this means wellies and pack-a-macs as you can guarantee an English summer will include rain at some point! I like to be comfy and warm, able to carry around all my things (alcohol, money and toilet roll!) and to still look good. I may as well face it I will never look as fashionable or as glamorous as the celebrities!
So below I though I'd show some of my essentials for festivals- other things I'd consider essentials would be leggings/tights/socks, a hoodie, jeans and some light tops t-shirts to layer underneath- oh an maybe a beanie or two!
1)  High waisted vintage hotpants £28- Topshop, 2)  Knitted rib crop sweat £32- Topshop, 3)  Printed pac-a-mac £20- Warehouse, 4)  Sunglasses £17.99- Zara, 5)  Love heart shopper £15- Topshop,  6) Original tall Welly £85- Hunter,  7)  Ditsy Collar dress £22- Dorothy Perkins

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Favourite new things- Lush

Hey, so I'm finally back to proper blogging mode, it was nice to have some time off but I missed it! I'm still not too sure of thing I'll blog about.. running dry on ideas! But this post is about some new things I've bern loving lately; and they all happen to be from Lush!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Food for thought..

Hi people, sorry I've been a bit awol lately. Life has been busy and the suns been out so blogging has taken a back seat. Today I'm back with a small video campaign I wanted to feature about recipes, and in particular recipes for students. As I love food and I was a student I though this would be a fun thing to include. There are three recipes in today.
Chill Con Carne:
Chill Mango:

Which one takes your fancy? If you are a student do you find you cook more or less then you did before? I normally try to feature recipes on the blog, but haven't had the time lately, would you like to see more recipes- any requests?

Thanks for reading, I'm back tomorrow and normal blogging shall commence!