Monday, 5 November 2012

Holiday season: Gift ideas

I'm unlucky enough to have both Christmas and my birthday fall within 3 days of each other which results in lots of crap 'joint' gifts. Don't get me wrong a gift is a gift, it's just a bit disappointing getting one instead of two? And having to wait a whole year to get 'one' again!?
The thing is, this year I'm really stuck for ideas when people ask me what I want to both- let alone the one (the people that know me well and my hatred of the dreaded joint gift!!)? I just don't know, so I thought entering this blogger challenge might help me find some inspiration!
1) Hessian Owl Hipflask £12- U.O.
2) Neom Sumptuous Travel candle £15- Neom
3) Benefit 'She' Jetset!' £29.50- John Lewis
4) House of Marley headphones £30- U.O
5) Origins 'Let it glow' £25- Origins
As this is a list for me and a bit self indulgent I thought I'd show things I actually want and have since put on my christmas list. Namely the House of Marley Jamaica headphones. I just think these are so cool, with fabric wiring and wooden look earbuds. I've wanted them ever since I saw someone on the tube wearing them and stared at the headphones for the whole journey. I probs freaked them out a bit.. oh well!
The rest I think is pretty self explanatory, I've wanted a Neom candle for aaages and love Benefit and Origins. The hipflask; well that's to hold my alcohol for when I go out drinking as I'm to skanky to buy some- plus it has owls! You can never go wrong with owls....

Thanks for reading, what's on your Christmas lists this year?