Thursday, 31 January 2013

Random factoids

I've seen these floating about bloggyland a lot recently or on Youtube with numbers from 10 to 25 to 50. I really enjoyed reading/watching these lovely ladies' facts; Emily, Louise, Hev, Milly, Tami, Evelyn, BeckyClarissa, MegEstée and Lily. I'm sure will know most of these lovely ladies, but if you don't you should! Go check them out :)
I'm sure my 'facts' are incredibly dull so I won't bore you with too many!

1. I have an intense fear of moths and octopuses (octopi?) I've always hated moths and can't sleep if there is one in my room- this has resulted in many hours wasted trying to capture/swat them. I've feared octopuses ever since watching a Korean film called Old Boy, if you have seen this I think you'll know the scene I'm talking about. That and reading in an aquarium once that they can sometimes leave water to go on land to hunt their prey :s

2. I have never had any kind of claim to fame, acting/performing/auditioning etc etc. The best I can come up with is meeting Richard Hammond on Top Gear, about 4 years ago, and our outfits almost matched..... that was pretty special.

3. I am currently in my final year of my English language and linguistics course at university and shitting bricks that I don't get a 2:1 or higher.

4. I'm half Swedish, and no I can't speak any save the odd swear word, 'thanks' and ice cream flavours. My dad was a rubbish teacher but lucky for me most speak English (better than I do!) so I get along OK over there.

5. I love pretty much any food apart from fish and aniseed/liquorice. If I had to live on one cuisine for the rest of my life it would be Italian/Mediterranean.

6. When I was younger I wanted to be James Bond (my favourite is Sean Connery-obvs)... I still do want to be him?

7. As I get older I have become a lot more cynical, and also my tolerance of idiotic people has gone down.

8. I love sleeping, I can sleep pretty much at any time of the day, anywhere. I'm also a very deep sleeper. my parents once bought me an alarm clock that sounded like a school fire alarm and it still didn't wake me, but they could hear it down the street as they walked our dogs in the morning :s

9.  I love travelling and have been lucky enough to go to such places as; Chicago & Florida, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sydney & Brisbane, Morocco, Switzerland and most of Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Serbia, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Holland, Hungary and Belgium). There's still so many places I want to go, at the moment S. America  and San Francisco are top of the list.

10. I have two piercings in each ear, my nose pierced and one tattoo. I have both earlobes pierced and a small stud in my top right (flat bit of cartilage- sorry I can't find a name for it), and what can only be described as a 'snug' but not quite- mines with a bar- in my left. When I had it done I didn't know of a name for it and just asked them to stick a bar 'there'.

11. My favourite sweets/chocolate of all time (for the past 14 years or so) is Galaxy Minstrels (and no those gross imposters 'counter's won't do). I could eat them forever if they weren't so bad for you. For Christmas it is guaranteed I will get at least 5 portions of them from various people. And I need at least one packet a week, otherwise it doesn't feel right.

12, Someday I want to move out of the UK and live somewhere hot, where I can walk to a sandy beach any day, I love the heat.

I can't think of any more remotely interesting facts right now so I won't bore you all with even more mundane  ones than these. If you have done this tag please leave a link below as I love nosing on people's facts. Or if there is anything else you'd like to know please ask (within reason!)?

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Apocalips is now

These Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers have had quite a lot of attention in the run up to their release last Wednesday and after recently purchasing two I can see why. They are called lip lacquers but are more of a matte lipgloss or liquid lipstick. At the moment there are 8 in the range to choose from; Galaxy, Stellar, Luna, Celestial, Apocaliptic, Big Bang, Nude Eclipse and Nova and as you can see the names feature around a space theme.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

These boots were made for....

Today I wanted to show you these lovely boots, I was kindly sent by Sperry. Sperry weren't a brand I was too familiar with, and after a quick look at their website I really loved some of their shoes, but felt they were more summer orientated (to me, anyway).

Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow time

*Insert obligatory Snow-in-the-UK-therefore-nothing-works rant here*
As with many people in the UK I am not the biggest fan of snow, or the cold! But it seems that the UK can't cope with the (relatively small compared to some!) amount of snow that we've had over the last few days!
But I do think it's quite pretty where I live, all covered in snow, so I decided to take my camera and Freddie(dog) out to play in the snow.....

Friday, 18 January 2013

Go Big or go home

I'm sure many will know of the Sea salt spray trend that really took off last summer. I wasn't really a fan myself so was a bit apprehensive buying a sea salt shampoo. But I love Lush's 'Big'. It really does give you lovely 'big' hair and is well worth the money, in my opinion.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

13 things from 2013

A bit of a belated kind of resolution post, although I don't do resolutions, this is more what I hope to achieve from 2013. So 13 things from 2013, here goes:

I should (touch wood) graduate in June this year, and I hope I can come away with a 2:1 in my degree.
A job
Following graduating, I hope I can find a job straight away  anything will do, then it will at least give me time (and money) to look for a dream job/internship.
I need a tan badly, and just to get out of the UK, I've been here far too long!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mini reviews: BB creams

I'm back!! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years and are still feeling the after affects of too much food, wine and chocolate- I definitely am. Thought I'd do quick mini review of 4 BB creams that I have at the moment, to ease myself back into bloggyland.