Monday, 26 October 2015

New in: Orelia Jewellery

I've long been a fan of Orelia Jewellery, since I first came across the brand in Topshop. And when I was recently asked by Etail Pr if I'd like to feature some pieces on here - of course I said YES

Friday, 23 October 2015

H&M beauty pieces

So I'm late to the game, but obsessed with these pieces nonetheless! A few weeks ago, H&M launched their brand new beauty range and every beauty blogger worth their salt has mentioned them. So of course, I got massive FOMO and had to go out and see what all the fuss was about. 
The store I ended up visiting, seemed pretty rinsed of most things already, so I only picked up four bits. But I'm really happy with them.
Let's start with the packaging - which I love! It looks more like high-end high-street than from a (predominantly) clothes store. I remember the old days, when you could only get 'beauty' products in Scandinavian countries - and there was a big Snoopy theme :) (who else remembers this?).
I got this gorgeous grey nail polish in Cloudburst, along with a cream blush - which is in my favourite packaging design - in Cameo Brown. I also got my first eye shadow pencil in a beautiful greeny gold called Treasure Hunt. Lastly, I really needed some new eyelash curlers and these pretty gold ones fit the bill.

I've only been using these for about a week now, and lets just say I'm glad I picked them up! The quality is brilliant, my favourites are the nail polish and the blush.

Have you seen the H&M beauty range? Did you pick up any pieces, what did you think?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

#SaySi with Armani

Last week I was lucky enough to be sent a gift from the Say Si range by Giorgio Armani.
It arrived in a beautiful box and contained three variations of the scent, an Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Parfum and an Intense Parfum.
“For me fragrance is about memory, even more than imagery. It’s a really subtle but important way in which women can express themselves.”
– Cate Blanchett
Say Si to Elegance, say “si” to risk, say “si” to playfullness, say “si’ to be remembered 
 I'm in the same opinion as Cate. I do find scent very evocative when it comes to bringing a memory. These scents have notes from Cassis Nectar, dark fruit and Vanilla, with fresh-cut freesia and rich rose de mai. It is completed by an addictive, melting base of patchouli, creamy amber wood and luminous orcanox. While the Intense Parfum is more sweet, it develops into a deep, heady smell.
Which I definitely agree with! At first smell (of the Intense Parfum), I can't say I was the biggest fan of the scent - it was very sickly sweet. But after an hour of it sitting on my skin, it settled into a subtle, sweet musky smell. I loved it!

Have you tried this scent, or another from Giorgio Armani? Before this, I'd tried Armani Code.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The ultimate hot chocolate

I believe I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest, but I can't remember to be honest! As the Autumn days are getting darker and the air colder: I've been craving hot chocolate more and more.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

A rosy Autumn

Everyone always picks berry for Autumn, and it's a gorgeous colour, but I've found myself favouring  rose gold eyes and cheeks.