Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What I got for Christmas / Birthday

I usually love watching these kind of videos and reading these blog posts. Hopefully noone finds them bragging or vulgar - I think they're fun! I'm sharing just a few beauty and home bits that I got for Christmas and my Birthday as they're only 3 days apart. 
First up, I got the ever so stereotypical 'blogger' candle. But I can't help it - it was copper and smelt nice. All the important things right? This one is from Anthropologie -- Similar here
Next from my lovely friend *STOP READING THIS KIM, I KNOW YOU DO*. I got a copper terrarium. As she knows my love of copper and these are so pretty at the moment. I'm still deciding what to put in it!
I've been wanting Charlotte Tilbury for so many months now and couldn't decide between the lipsticks or eye palettes. In the end this Dolce Vita eye palette won me over.
Lastly, and kind of the star of the show as they were by far the most expensive / extravagant things were these Hakuhodo make up brushes. I got mainly from the J and G ranges.
L-R: G510 M round powder brush, G5544 angled powder brush, G5521 Highlighter brush, B004 eye shadow flat brush, J142 eye shadow brush round, J 162H angled eyeshadow brush.

What did you get for Christmas? What have been your favourite 'What I got for Christmas' videos?