Thursday, 12 September 2013

I'm going on essentials

Hopefully, the blogger schedule thingy should have worked an you'll be reading this while I'm away(yay). I'm going on a proper holiday for the first time in ages! And I thought it might be interesting (I find it interesting on other people's blogs as I'm nosy!) to see what some 'essentials' are.
So first up, hair/face essentials: Moroccanoil, Etat Pur micellar water, Ojon damage reverse shampoo + condiioner and Nivea Daily essentials express hydration primer.
For the hair- I picked these Ojon minis as I'll be in the swimming pool, sea and hopefuly the sun will ve out loads, so these sounded perfect for my dyed hair. Same goes with Moroccanoil. I love this stuff and think it does so much for my hair for heat stlying and helping dry ends, plus it smells amazing.

And also make up essentials, Collection Lasting perfect ultimate wear powder, Collection longer lashes waterproof mascara, Revlong lip butter in Candy apply, Boots eyelash curlers, Real techniques buffing brush and Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.
For my make up- I chose the powder, for the obvious reason of getting rid of shiny sweat face, and waterproof mascara 'cause of the pool and sea. Eyelash curleers because lashes look so much better when curled. Candy apple as it's such a pretty bright colour, great with a tan! And lastly my new fav-Naked Basics palette as it will have all the shades I need in.

What are your travel essentials? Is there something you can't live without on holiday?


  1. HAve fun <#

  2. The naked basics palette must be perfect to travel with! I hope you're having a lovely holiday! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. It was, fitted in all my ages, so glad I ordered right before the holiday. I did thanks :)
      Daniella x

  3. Have a great time! :)

  4. Hope you have a lovely holiday!

  5. real techniques brushes are my favorite!
    safe travels!


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