Monday, 31 March 2014

PCA Caribbean Adventure

I have only ever been to a casino once in my life and it was two years ago to a very small, very casual looking casino in Portsmouth- I loved it though. I can't say I was brave enough to venture over to the poker table though, but I enjoyed watching them play from afar!
I was recently contacted and asked if I'd write a little piece about the PCA Poker Tournament 2014 which came out in March. It is set in the Caribbean and I thought it would be something a bit different- a bit more cultured even- to add to my little ol' blog.

 The video above gives a brief over view about the Poker Tournament and is perfect for beginners like me who don't know the ins and outs of the game. I love a game of Texas Hold'em (at home), and although I have a pretty rubbish 'poker face' and can't bluff to save my life, I have won a once few times! Although I could do with some practice!
This video gives a fun intro to the Caribbean paradise where the tournament -the biggest poker event outside of Las Vegas- is set and also a small quiz to the poker enthusiasts about the country. Then the tournament begins and a streamed coverage of the main table event. So many people have said that its one of the most exciting games yet; I'm just happy to learn some new things about Poke and some tips and tricks. 

Have you ever played or watched poker? I've never watched it before, but I'm definitely going to watch some more tournaments after this.
What's your favourite casino game?

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Monday, 24 March 2014


Life has been a bit busy lately, I've moved (well 2 weeks ago) and still don't have proper internet so that's not too great for the ol' blogging! Hence a lazy post today, I should have internet next week and full blogging shall resume. Stay tuned folks :)

Clockwise: Sweet potatoes fries- my fav, a #TBT to Amsterdam , another #TBT to Bestival and hot choc treats at work on a dreary monday
Clockwise: Thrift shopping and came across this strange fellow, #TBT to Marrakech, Gran Canaria in the sun three weeks ago-feels like forever ago, London Grammar

Sorry it's not more interesting guys. What have you all been up to? I feel like I've been ill for ages (a few days) which sucks