Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Travelling diaries: Lisbon

Back in September I went away on a long overdue girls holiday to Lisbon. It was lovely and just what I needed! We had the perfect mix of the beach, sun, sightseeing, eating great food, drinking too much wine and dancing away to Portuguese music and samba til the early hours.... thinking about it, I think I need another holiday already!

On our first day we went to the beautiful Costa de Caparica, full of surfers as there were huge waves that day. Then we a chilled night out and some Samba dancing. 

The next day we visited Belem, not only to see the beautiful monastery and Belem Tower - and this cool raccoon dude, but to try their delicious custard tarts!

I'm not much of a custard tart fan, but even I loved these. Hot and fresh with lots of cinnamon on :) We went to the famous, Pasteis de Belem as their Pastel de nata were renowned in Lisbon for being the best!

Saturday night we went out dancing by the Santa Amaro Docas docks beneath the Abril Bridge - to cheesy music :)

Our Sunday was a lot more chilled, we visited the Castel de Sao Jorge, the antiques / flea market. Feira da Ladra in the Alfama district and then to Bairro Alto for delicious food at the Palacio Chiado.

Have you been to Lisbon before? Where would you recommend? I feel there's so much I didn't see in the 3 days we were there!

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