Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Addicted to...

Beauty boxes
 So I am not usually one for writing about beauty products etc.
But after recently reading quite a few beauty blogs and becoming more and more interested in this area I came across the 'Beauty Box'!!
I've signed up to two at the moment and am going to compare and see which one I feel is better. But basically I'm already addicted!!

In case you didn't know 'The Beauty Box' is a new(ish) trend across the UK which involves you subscribing each month and paying aorund £10 (+p&p) and you recieve a monthly beauty box which includes five new beauty products, ranging from make up, hair products, creams, moisturisers etc for you to test and these can be in travel or full size samples.
There are many boxes avaliable; ShesaidBeauty- a monthly box costing £9 +p&p, with five products and a service to cater to you (skin type, hair etc,)  Joliebox- a montly box costing £10 + p&p, with 4-5 products, but unfortunately not as many brands are on board nor can you personalize to you skin type etc,  Glossy Box- a monthly box costing £10 +p&p, with five products, a wide variety of brands and a personaliztion beauty service(they also do a mens Glossy box), Amarya- a monthly box specialising in natural and organic brands costing £10 +p&p, unfortunately this doesn't include a service tailoring to your personal preferences. And finally the Lux Box, a box that also caters for men and women that you can personalise and which I believe is only 2 months old- so the newest to join the beauty box scene.

The two I have signed up to so for are Glossy Box and She said beauty.
I have now recieved both and my June She Said Beauty box, itself looks luxurious, with tissue paper and a ribbon holding it all together inside, and the products are placed in the box like presents. I was even slightly excited when it arrived from the post man and I took it away to unwrap it. Definitely like a present! It came with six little gifts; Yardley London Royal diamone eau de toilette, Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Butter: lemon zest, Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir, St. Tropez Self Tan Protect Legs, Let's go Lashes and Ginerva Green tea Nude Cover BB cream.
I was most excited by the St. Tropez and the Mischa Barton Shea Butter, these were both the full size products which is always good and I'll get the most use out of them!
St. Tropez Self Tan Protect Legs
 Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Butter: lemon zest

And  heres my June Glossy box. It contained: A Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush, Me Me me sensuous nail gloss in Peach, BM Beauty summer warmth Bronzer, Caudalie Eaux Fraiches in Zests de Vigne and Vichy Dermablend  Ultra-corrective Foundation cream stick.
To be honest I wasn't as impressed with this as I was the 'She said Beauty box'. Myabe because everything seemed smaller? Out of all of these the only things I'll get use of it the Caudalie scent and the Make up brush, as I don't like th bronzer, rarely use corrective stick and don't like the nail colour. Obviously Glossy Box weren't to know, but I think I'll stick with 'She said Beauty'.

I really like the Caudalie scent, at first it smelt a bit toilet cleaner-y. But now its settled in I love it, its so fresh but not too floral, it has a wonderful almost woody aroma- I might have to invest in one!
(sorry the pics didn't come out too great on the glossy box, it wasn't taken in daylight like the others!)

There is also a website called Latest in beauty which allows you to, build your own box from it's 'luxury' samples (larger size samples) however they each ave an individual price so can end up more expensive, BUT they also offer a 'Little beauty box' offering 3 different samples from a range of products and you can pick- they are literally samples though like you would find in magazine, but they are free and you can order them every 30 days!
So lastly heres my (free!)  Latest in beauty box, which contained three little samples that I had picked out: Tresemme Split Ends Trio,  Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette (for men- but I love the smell so just wanted a small sample!) and St Tropez SPF 30 protection for body with Tan Enhancer.
 Thank you for reading, after writing this post I have cancelled the Glossy box as I felt it wasn't for me and have now signed up to two more; The Lux box and Jolie box. Reviews and photos to come soon (once they're delivered!)

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  1. I really want to try some beauty boxes and the graze box on your other post also looks amazing! I might have to bite the bullet and just split with my money aha!


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. I love my graze box its my midweek treat! :) Out of the two beauty boxes I have tried I'd say 'She said Beauty' is the better one as Glossy box seems to be more high end but you get less in my opinion.
      If you do try 'She said Beauty' and pick the pay monthly option I used a discount code for 25% off the first box: SSB25OFF
      or Save 10% on 3 month subscription and enter code: SSB03
      Hopefully it still works!
      Daniella x

  2. I'm about to cancel my subscription to Glossy Box after the one I received yesterday. Might try the She Said Beauty one though and am well jealous looking at wheat you got! Gunna take advantage of the discount too. Cheers! x

    1. Yeah I was really disappointed with my glossy box so I cancelled straight after I recieved it! No prob about the discount, enjoy the 'she said beauty' box its much better!
      Daniella x

  3. too bad they don't ship outside the uk, because I really want too try one :( x

    1. Yes it is rubbish! Where do you live? As they have lots of beauty boxes in other countries?
      Daniella x


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