Thursday, 7 June 2012

Summer Films review; The 'Big' ones

Right so to start I’m sure many of you would have already seen Avengers Assemble, and I’m sure many of you would agree it ticks the boxes needed for most films, a decent plot line attempts to add depth and emotions to each of the characters, a sad middle and a happy ending. However I found it ‘so-so’. It was far too long, farfetched in places and didn’t quite deliver in others. Yes the effects were superb but so they should be for the amount spent on making the film. Also I don’t know about you but I’m slightly disillusioned with the Hulk character after seeing 3 different actors playing him in the last 10 ten in 3 different films. So a 6.5/10 from me. And Iron man- WTF did they do to you!?

 Next, Prometheus; long awaited with a superb cast, from Fassbender to ‘the dragon tattoo girl’ Raspace. This definitely gives some answers to the whole ‘Alien’ story but it gives a lot more questions that go unanswered too (The 'engineer' who commits suicide/sacrifices himself???). Humans of 2091 travel to a planet believed to be inhabited by their creators, the ‘engineers’. These beings share DNA similarities with us. The planet however appears hostile with an eerie reason as to why the crew of the space ship cannot find any of these ‘engineers’ alive. I’m looking forward to the sequel! This gets 8/10.

 Also out the same weekend, Snow White and the Hunstman. After seeing Twilight and Kristen Stewart’s ‘acting’ I must say I wasn’t expecting much from this film; a bit of lip biting, some swooning and the odd hair flip. But Charlize Theron and other greats such as the unrecognizable Ray Winstone really helped this film and I was pleasantly surprised and could even stomach Stewart’s accent! It is modelled on the well known fairtale and I love stories like this. I much prefered it to Burton’s adaptation of ‘Alice’. It was tense, dramatic in the right places, and told the story well, for what it attempted to deliver I give it 7/10.

As for the others as they aren’t out yet I can only give preliminary reviews based on other reviews, hearsay and the trailers.
Lets just say I’m looking forward to Batman; The Dark Knight Rises. A lot! The four different trailers all look interesting, the story even more twisted than the two previous. I’m glad to see Michael Caine back as Alfred. And the introduction of CatWoman as she arrives on the scene 8 years after the Joker’s killing spree and when Batman has taken the blame for Dent’s crimes. It's UK release is 22/07.  I give this a pre-emptive 8.5/10

The Amazing Spider-man…. I’ll be honest, I’m not that excited about this film. The other films starring Toby Maguire seemed wanting. This one seems to share that same wanting, basically Peter Parker wants to unravel his past (to ultimately become spiderman) whilst trying to win over the heart of his crush, and it all begins with a suitcase of his fathers. It's UK release is 04/07. It gets a possible 6/10.

The Bourne Legacy already loses a point in my eyes as it does not star Matt Damon, but revolves around a new character ‘Aaron Cross’ played by Jeremy Renner. However the fact that this film has Edward Norton as the villian may possibly revive it. The plot is the CIA shutting down ‘Treadstone’s’ successor; ‘Operation Outcome’. An agent who helped create all the agents of ‘Outcome’  must escape before the CIA try to assassinate them all. It's UK release date is 13/08. So this gets a preliminary 7/10.

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