Monday, 8 June 2015

Destinations: Malta

Last October I went a little holiday to Malta and it seemed like as good a time as any to share the trip with you guys!
We stayed in St Julians Bay which was lovely but didn't have a proper sandy beach -  for this we went to St Georges - but it did have an amazing selection of bars, restaurants, shops and gelaterias!.

Next to us was beautiful Valetta, the capital city with many buildings from the 16th century and gorgeous architecture. We came here on a few day trips - and one scuba trip where we got to see a 75 year old ship!
We also visited Malta's sister island, Gozo, and alongside that, Comino. Both we also really pretty and great places to stay if the cities of Malta were too crowded for you.
[GEEK ALERT] Gozo is also famous for being the home of the Azure Window or Tieqa Żerqa, which was the setting of Daeneyrs and Khal Drogo's wedding in Game of Thrones, season 1.

Lastly, we visited the ĦAĠAR QIM temples in Qrendi, south of Malta island. They are a Unesco world heritage site and 5,000 years old! It also happened to be the hottest day of the whole trip (31 degrees - in October) so it was a quick trip then back to the beach.

Overall I loved Malta, the food, the people & the culture had a very Mediterranean, Italian feel with a Maltese twist! It was great that the island is quite small, so it's easy to visit places and the public buses were brilliant, they went all over Malta for 2Euro a day!

We also did quite a bit of scuba diving while we were there, which I'd also highly recommend, the sea was slightly colder as it was October, but still nice and it was so clear and we got to see 3 ships 'wrecks'.

Have you been to Malta or are you planning on going? What did you think of it?

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