Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My first winter holiday: Sweden/Norway

Back in February I decided to go on my first 'winter holiday'. That's not to say that I hadn't been anywhere cold before when going away and visiting cities etc; but never this cold! The place I went to in Sweden, Åre, was a bit of a pain to get to but know for being one of the best Ski resorts in Sweden and also around -19°C

To get there, first we had to fly to Trondheim in Norway and stay there for a night before catching the train over to Sweden. I really liked Trondheim and had a bit more time to explore on my way home luckily.

So over to Sweden, on the first night we stayed in a beautiful hotel in Undersaker, which is about a 10 minute drive from the main ski resort and town in Åre. The hotel was full of mason jars laid out at breakfast, reindeer pelts and candles everywhere.

On this day we went Husky Sledding in Ottsjö and went up the mountain with these beautiful dogs & up there was just as beautiful and very cold!

Over the next few days were some ski lessons as I've never done it before... I'm not sure if I was a fan or not. I think I'd like a few more lessons before if I decide skiing is for me or not!

And a venture Sweden's largest waterfall which was also partially frozen!.

And here are some snaps from the last day in Trondeim visiting Bakklandet, the old town and a cute cafe.

Who has been on a skiing holiday and has some tips for a complete beginner?

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