Sunday, 4 September 2016

Eden's Semilla and Jojoba oil

A few weeks ago I was sent this beautiful essential oil to test out from Eden's Semilla. This Jojoba oil is 100% organic and perfect for skin, nails and hair.

I have never tried essential oil in a pure form like this before (I have used facial oils, but they always contain other things) and have found this jojoba oil exceeded my expectations. This Jojoba oil is 100% Natural & Organic.

I ordered the 60ml which comes in a glass bottle that also has a dropper which comes with it but has a stopper too which is handy. I've mostly been using the dropper, but the stopper would be great for travelling around. This Jojoba oil has really helped with my skin and hair, it's made a brilliant addition into my skin care routine. I used the product every night after I take my makeup off and cleansed my skin and I've found my skin so soft when I wake up!

You can order it from Amazon here!

Have you tried any essential oils before? What ones can you recommend? I'd love to try some more and learn more about what oils are best for what areas etc.!

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